Birthdays are a splendid opportunity to take the creativity out of you and take it one step further. So before planning the event, we recommend going over the perfect hospitality guide first. This guide explains in detail the steps to make a successful event. After you read it, ask yourself:  “Is it even right for me to invest in it?”  If you decide yes, we are here for you and we will be happy to help you plan a great concept for a perfect event. Today we will organize a special animal-style event. Our goal: For our guests to feel in a jungle, zoo or even in the sea. The ways to achieve this goal: To make your home a zoo, we need to focus on five aspects:

  1. Home Decoration
  2. Table design
  3. Food and manner of serving
  4. Cake and desserts
  5. Gifts for guests
  6. Home Decoration

Home Decoration

As we mentioned before, we want to create a jungle atmosphere at home and so we will focus on the colors: Brown, green, white and yellow. You can also combine touches of orange. It is possible to concentrate on one favorite animal and it must build the concept (for example: the favorite animal is a dog and then focus on the colors of white, black and brown). Crepe paper and balloons are a MUST have in home decor gear for the event. With the balloons you can:

  • Make a simple string of balloons on a string and hang on the wall.
  • Create a bow over the dining table of balloons in this stunning way and to create it you need a simple film for tying balloons that cost $2.
  • Tie a ribbon to the balloon, put on the top Scotch tape and stick it to the ceiling. This creates the illusion of a helium balloon.

With the crepe paper you can:

  • Make a stunning entrance curtain.
  • You can hang on the wall and incorporate elements that will bring in the atmosphere.

So… what did we do? We tied yellow balloons on green ribbons. We hung the ribbons on the ceiling and put a monkey doll. We actually created the illusion of a banana branch with a monkey on it. In addition, we created a caterpillar from two shades of green balloons and a red head. On the red balloon we drew eyes and mouth with a black marker. We made the legs out of black Bristol and stuck it to the wall. Really easy and a cool result!  

For a birthday with the concept of the deep sea we used green-colored crepes and hung them on the wall. We cut out on cardboard sheets little fish and octopus. We also made a photo wall (as in the picture at the beginning of the article) that included wires with small circles. Circles formed a sort of stunning photographic curtain.

More ideas for home decoration from the web:

Table design

As we have already mentioned, for perfect hosting, we eat with our eyes also, so it is important that the table be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Which tablecloth would best fit into the concept?
Depending on which colors you chose.

  • If you choose to go with our recommendation (green, brown, and white), a white disposable tablecloth can be combined with a wooden “skirt” like Hawaiian skirts for Purim.
  • If you decide to go for a color concept, you can combine any map but we still prefer a white map because it is a neutral color and so we assure that everything we put on that shall combine to create a natural atmosphere and color will not be lost and will blend well.

Mixing leaves in order to create a natural atmosphere  

There are plastic leaves that can be incorporated under the serving of all kinds of dishes. It blends in with the table and is excellent. For example: Autumn leaves for birthday decor, other leaves to create an atmosphere in a variety of shapes and sizes. 12 units of leaves for perfect design.

Wooden coasters:

There isn’t something that screams jungle more than bringing the trees to the table 🙂 Obviously you can’t bring a whole tree but you can put wood on the table. Wooden coasters are perfect and here are more wooden coasters – you just have to choose from who to order.

Food and how to serve

The more aesthetically pleasing and cool the food is, the more it will be “eliminated” first, and we’ve proved it! A few examples:

Tortoise Snake – A snake made up of tortillas. We arranged the tortillas on a platter and made the snake head like this: for the eyes we used 2 olives and 2 pieces of corn. For the tongue, we cut a red pepper into a pointed strip. On the sides we sprinkled baby leaves to give some color to the dish.

food design

Cheese / Chocolate Crab – a special form for serving croissants and pastries. To make cool crabs you will need: toothpicks or colored sticks (available at craft stores and stock), eye stickers or moving eyes (in case of moving eyes you will need hot glue to paste on the stick / toothpick).

creative food

Oysters from the Depths – For birthday from the Depth of the sea, oysters can be made with crackers, the cheese you choose and olive in the middle.

sepcial food

Corn balls for feeding fish – Even if you have no way to add an animal element to food, you can do it in a really easy way. By branding you can name a dish that explains what it is and its use.

birthday branding

More ideas from Pinterest:

  • A Cool lion with vegetables and dips – Its manure consists of carrots, orange, yellow and red bell peppers and 2 crackers. The head is made of a dipping plate on which are 4 circles made of bread, 3 pieces of finely chopped chives / cucumber, a piece of red pepper and olives. And here is another example of a lion design.
  • The same idea as our snake only here it is made of rolls.
  • Snake from baguettes next to dips.
  • Design of a hedgehog that may be made from cheese in the middle, almonds and around it crackers. Our Note – Instead of almonds, you can put a long, flat pretzel… It’s cool too
  • Design jungle trees made of kiwi, banana and clementine.
  • A bright fruit tree made up of pineapples.
  • Vegetable Owl – No chance of ruining the tray J

Apart from the shape of the food, it is important that we also include animal elements in the manner of serving. Here are some nice ideas:

Cake and desserts

It is known that there is no celebration without desserts! We will prepare our desserts for the jungle purity! Even if you have no cake design experience, you can make the following cake. It is simple, delicious and sweeping sea of ​​compliments.

Cat cake- To make the cake you will need: A round baking pan (available in one-off) and another English-size cake for ears. We got lazy and for the ears we used a bought cake, but please don’t tell! Afterwards we topped the cake with chocolate syrup, we switched to decoration made of red and black licorice, round jellybeans with sugar, small black candies and flat cinnamon chocolate. We bought all the decorations at the crackers and candy stores. To add color, we added 2 color kisses as a frame for the cake.

We made the caption in a plastic lettering pattern (available at any bakery shop), melted a white Zimikau chocolate and chopped it into a mold. We put in a refrigerator for exactly 7 minutes. Next, we carefully removed the letters from the template.

cat cake

Lion cake- For a large cake to come out, we made 2 standard one-size cakes (size 4A). We then connected the two cake rectangles using whipped cream. We cut it with a round-sized knife. We made a stable whipped cream and added a yellow edible gel color for the coating. We prepared the mane in the middle of the whipped cream with a teaspoon of cocoa. We put the whipped cream in a cellophane bag with grass point. Nose and mouth eyes were made with dark chocolate melted with a little oil in the micro. We put the melted chocolate into a sandwich / frosting bag, cut it on the edge and painted on the baking sheet the shape we wanted. We put in a freezer to stabilize and put on the cake.

lion cake

Fish Desserts- Cups are simple and easy to make! Buy cups for personal desserts. Put in the bottom of candy / chocolate as blue as the sea. Over put whipped cream and above all add a gummi fish.

desserts concept

Oyster (Birthday from the Deep)-

As we have prepared with food, this time we put a cookie instead of a salted biscuit. Instead of cheese, we use delicious whipped cream and instead of olives we will decorate with pearl candy.

sepcial dessert

We plowed Pinterest for you and made you a list of the coolest desserts we found:

Gifts for guests:

The last paragraph and not a must, just if you are going to pamper your guests… you can indulge in some nice ways and give something small and good and if you even have the gifts to give according to the concept, then it is fine!

Gift ideas for guests:


So after a comprehensive review, you just have to plan which of the sections you adopt and just apply final tips to finish it:

  • The invitation for the celebration can be done in a creative way. The invitations can be placed in envelopes in the form of an animal and can also be designed alone on a computer with animal paintings and printed on Bristol.
  • You can make a corner where you will put make up for the children as animals.
  • As part of the celebration, a variety of games can be combined to play.