One of the parameters for producing a successful event is directly related to how we decorate and adorn the house before the celebration. The decoration can be bold with lots of strong colors and accessories or solid with touches of color that create a cozy and warm atmosphere. You decide! The decision is made according to the concept of the event, the reason for the event, who the audience is and to what you feel most connected. This post gives you some cool ideas for decorating your home and creating a fun atmosphere without too much effort.

Creation with five balloons

Balloons will always add color, joy and vitality to your home and help you make the most of an event. You can go for a solid design that is glued directly to the wall with an adhesive tape:

Or actually go for a colorful thread-tied design:

We want to teach you a cool trick that you have to do – Helium balloons without helium! Inflate a balloon and tie it with a cord. On the top of the balloon (in the upper part without the thread), the tape is glued as follows: Cut a piece of the tape and fold one end at the other until a circle is formed with its outer side, which is the side with the glue. That’s it! Now it can be glued to the ceiling and it looks just like helium balloons! You can also order double-sided stickers for balloons by not messing with the glue and make your life easy (and less peeling on the wall). Look what a beautiful result you get:

More creative design ideas with balloons:

First of all, it is important to note that the links we post here have been sold succesfully and have received excellent reviews. Of course you can look for the same idea from other sellers and order. It is important to pay attention to the review and quantity of the orders.

  • Cool Balloon Stands – You can order stands to tie balloons to create an impressive balloon column, you can order stands from which a few balloons emerge and more …It is worthy to visit the link, and get some ideas. The seller of these stands has nearly ten thousand reviews and over 26,000 orders.
  • Birthday Balloon Bow – There is also a video on the link that explains how to do it accurately.
  • Have you always wondered how to make a flower balloon decoration perfectly? Here you can order a kind of plastic flower to which you attach the balloons. It comes out really beautiful.
  • Stick the balloon bracket just like they once brought (maybe still bring) at McDonald’s and Burger King.
  • Stick small pompons onto a white balloon. It upgrades the balloon on several levels and it’s unique.
  • Likewise, you can buy white balloons and colored stickers in all kinds of shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle, square) and sizes, and design balloons alone.
  • Remember that we taught you to stick the balloons with a tape or a sticker on the ceiling with string? Produces a feeling that these are helium balloons. Then you can connect with the cord at heart and here you have a perfect and romantic balloon design.
  • If you want to add a personal touch to the balloons, you can tie your own photos. A personal and exciting result.
  • Birthday music style? Does the person you want to make happy love music? Attach to the end of the balloon a string of notes as follows.
  • You can replace the cord with a balloon tie with a pipe cleaner and design as you wish hearts, captions and whatever you want. Perfection! You can order a sparkling pipe cleaner or regular pipe cleaner.
  • Tie several types of balloons of all sizes into one block. After tying, add threads, artificial leaves and the result is spectacular. Want to know where you can purchase the leaves and get more safari style decor ideas? Enter the Animal Birthday Guide.
  • “Rain, dripping rain” … Cloud-shaped design with rain. How do we create it? White balloons of all sizes tied in 2-3 rows below each other as follows.
  • Art balloons with painting – Click on the following link to do it.
  • For a Balloon disguised as Piñata, you’ll need – Color Crepe paper, white balloons, glue and scissors. Need detailed explanation on how to do it? Here you will find a guide to creating balloons.
  • Using Normal balloons, glue the bottom part with plastic glue and then dip in a bowl of glitter. From a simple balloon you just got an upgraded and sparkling balloon.
  • Tying helium balloons to champagne bottles and laying on the floor – creates a very impressive look.
  • Balloons only on the ceiling? Not anymore! Overlay design for tiny balloons on the table. Mid-table decoration featuring cream-colored balloons with leaves in between.
  • Tie helium balloons to different elements on the table.
  • A spider balloon that is six inches big! Black balloon and black crepe paper straps! That’s all it takes to create a scary look.
  • Champagne spills! All required balloons can be found at the links above.

Balloons Purchase Links:

Special Balloon Links:

Related balloon design accessories:

Painted greeting

If it is a birthday celebration for a child, a greeting can be attached to the celebration. The child will draw on the pages of the guests who arrive and write their name. All the pages hang on a large colored plastic sheets and hung or displayed during the celebration. This is a useful decoration because at some stage the guests are asked to take their painting and write a greeting for the birthday boy.

There is another option that contains a greeting as a home decoration. You can buy a large Bristol and people will sign up for it. You can also incorporate cool pictures and here you have stunning decoration!

The Polaroid images found on Bristol can be ordered on . Highly recommended!

Elaborate and tulle decorations

Non-woven fabric rolls are mainly used as tablecloths but not only! They can be used as stunning decorations you wouldn’t believe! You can cut desired lengths, fold in half and hang with tape on the ceiling. The result is majestic and beautiful.

In addition, balloons can be combined with fabric or tulle to create a royal, delicate and beautiful look just like here. Simply wrap the balloon in white and tie in a ribbon. Tulles can be ordered in a variety of colors or in packages .


Another use as a decoration that can be made from paper trays and saucers for cakes. Choose disposable trays of different colors (we chose gold) and glue cake paper rests  and just hang on the wall. Divine?

The disposable paper trays and saucers can be found at any retailer and stock stores. You can also order the paper bottoms on Ali Express.

Beautiful elements for hanging

There were so many and we had a hard time deciding… so we just put most of it J

  • Chain for hanging with 10 meter-long LED clips. The chain works on batteries and it’s a stunning decoration! In addition, the link also has a variety of cool LED chains that can decorate your home beautifully.
  • Another link to a lamp chain to which images can be hung using standard fasteners. Comes in lengths of up to 5 meters. Comes with a battery box.
  • Stellar LED Chain and with stunning moons! Comes with several modes – flicker, fixed and more… works on 2 batteries and 3.5 meters in length.
  • Cool pompons necklace.
  • Fan shaped paper decoration. Comes in a variety of sizes (4,6,8,10,12 inches, multiply by 2.54 to get the centimeter result) and a wide variety of colors.
  • Another fan decoration with a small twist (there are holes on the sides) comes in 5 units of 20 cm.
  • Decorative pencils that will make your event colorful and interesting. You can choose several sizes – 5,10,15 cm.
  • Color-coded, full-size pompons (15,20,25 and 30 cm).
  • Picture frames for hanging on wires with clips. A beautiful and personal decoration that every guest can take their picture afterwards.
  • Happy Birthday signs – a mermaid-style birthday sign.
  • Ornaments of overlapping stars! The order refers to one 30 cm star.
  • Curly ceiling decorations in a variety of colors, 6 units come in one case.
  • Pink, gold and white glitter little flags. A total of 12 flags on the chain.
  • Birthday flags, small and stunning in a variety of colors.

An amazing photo wall

It is fun to take pictures in parties. So we ended up doing it and thought that if it is fun to take pictures of the party then why not make a cool photo shoot? There are lots of self-made photo wall ideas and we chose to focus on the simplest, easiest and cheapest

Creating a photo curtain

  • An over-the-top photo curtain. Notice that in order to create a curtain you will need to buy a quantity and not just one. The order refers to one thread with 16 hearts.
  • Surplus photo wall that is all glittery and glamorous. Perfect backdrop for event photography J Notice that there is a variety of sizes: All in meters and heights vary 1.5 meters, 2 meters and 3 meters. It is worth buying the same product you have chosen twice to have a 2 meter width and it will be enough for some people’s photos.
  • Star decoration in a variety of colors 4 meters long.
  • Stunning circle decoration curtain that combines gold circles.

Background for photography

Ali Express has quite a few sellers who offer cool backgrounds for birthdays with various paintings and sometimes captions. You can put the backgrounds behind the table or put in a neutral place for people to take pictures. Notice that most sellers offer 2 different fabrics for printing and if you scroll down the page they explain their differences.

We hope you managed to find some home decoration ideas for your event planning. Do you have any other ideas for decorating? We´ll be happy for you to share them with us in the comments section.